Accepting Yourself When No One Else Does

Life is filled with rejections.

We are rejected from people, jobs, and things.

One does not have to look far to face it; yet, we often tend to do all sorts of things to avoid it.

Addiction is addicted to rejection.

Addiction only looks for the good in things; it is addicted to being happy, which is simply a fleeting state of mind; it is not Life itself.

Life brings with it sorrow, rejection, hate, and loneliness.

To be alive is to experience all of these things and to live awakened to that Life means we must learn what true love is and what it is not.

True love is not a here today gone tomorrow strategy to “get” people to see us as worthy.

It rejects nothing about the self, it sees everything as an opportunity to love ourselves more, especially in the face of rejection.

The truth is many people will not love us because they are struggling everyday to love themselves.

They will not like you because you bring out something in them they are not comfortable with; allow this, let it be there without it demolishing your own self esteem.

The truth is Life and energy ebb and flow.

You are happy one minute, perhaps sad the next.

It is a rise and fall and the more content we are with this process, the more joyful we are and the less we are willing to tolerate things that no longer serve us.

People are here to help us sort through our lives; they are here to help us love ourselves.

They show us who we are, the all of who we are, and we get to decide every day what to do with that.

Do we pursue relationships or do we let others down because our love for ourselves is that strong?

Having been raised with a lot of guilt and fear, I was taught to believe that no matter what someone does, I should always be there for them and consistently be the one to contacts them no matter what. Now, I am rethinking that belief and using discernment to decide which relationships I want to pursue and which ones I just need to let be simply because I do not enjoy their company. I do not like how I feel when I am around them.

It’s a gift to them really, to let them be who they are without my involvement, expectation, judgement, or my effort to get them to see me, love me, and accept me when truth says that was never their purpose.

It was mine, with the help of an all knowing and all loving God who is there for every piece and part of me, no matter what.

Accepting rejection, accepting that people do not love me and that I have the opportunity to love me has been my greatest catalyst to learning, growing, and accepting myself in the face of rejection.  

It has also helped me stand up to people who crave power more than anything else; people who are bullies, gossipers, and just simply toxic.

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